Why you need a Wedding Website

Planning your wedding is so exciting but also an extremely busy time for any couple. Organising your wedding invitations, ensuring you keep track of RSVPs, managing any special requests and communicating wedding information with your guests. Even the most organised couple can get overwhelmed!

Fortunately, with My Wedding Whizz you can easily create a wedding website that allows you to mainstream all the above. This convenient tool provides a range of benefits to help you plan your wedding, share helpful information with guests, and get everyone excited for the upcoming festivities.

Easily communicate with your guests.

Your My Wedding Whizz wedding website allows you to create a beautiful online site full of helpful information that your wedding guests can easily refer to – your love story (where it all started), directions to your wedding venue, hotel rooms and even your wedding itinerary.

Be eco-friendly and save on physical print outs.

Wedding invitations can cost hundreds! Go eco-friendly – save on invitation costs and save paper. My Wedding Whizz has an array of digital invite template options, sure to suit your wedding vibe!

Keep all your wedding RSVPs in one place.

Your wedding website is the most convenient way to collect RSVPs for both you and your guests. Guests can simply click a link and let you know if they can attend. With My Wedding Whizz you can also include your own RSVP questions, for example guest dietary requirements.

Add a Digital Wedding Post Box.

My Wedding Whizz offers a bespoke online Digital Wedding Post Box that can be connected to your wedding website. Your personalised Digital Wedding Post Box enables your guests to create and send you a beautiful digital wedding card ahead of your wedding day and even include funds that are deposited directly into your bank account. Learn more about creating a Digital Wedding Post Box here

Create FAQs for your guests.

To avoid fielding a stream of questions about food, transportation, plus ones, childcare, and more, all wedding website templates include an FAQ section. Here is where you can answer common wedding questions and create customised questions to suit your event.

Your website will get your guests excited for the big day!

Connect with your guests and let them read about your love story (how you both first met or even your proposal story), give an overview of who is in your bridal party and include some photos!