Digital Wedding Post Box

Create a Digital Wedding Post Box and allow your guests to securely and conveniently send you a wedding ecard with a cash gift included that will be deposited directly into your bank account. No need to hire a post box or worry about cards or cash gifts being misplaced during such an exciting and busy occasion. My Wedding Whizz’ Digital Wedding Post Box feature is convenience for you and your guests!


How it works

  1. Purchase your very own personalised Digital Wedding Post Box to share with your family and friends today. Simply upgrade your payment plan to Platinum or purchase your Digital Wedding Post separately and it will be automatically added to your wedding website header where you can personalise it.
  2. Your Digital Wedding Post Box is unique to you – design, word and style it in a way that suits your vibe!
  3. Your Digital Wedding Post Box allows your wedding guests to create a digital wedding card with a personalised wedding message.
  4. Guests can attach a cash gift amount with their wedding card that is directly deposited to you. Simply link your personal PayPal account to your Digital Wedding Post Box.
  5. Once an ecard is sent from a guest you will get a notification email from My Wedding Whizz where you can read your card.
  6. After your wedding, download and keep all your beautiful digital wedding cards and thoughtful messages in one safe place.

Why choose a Digital Post Box over a traditional physical wedding post box?

  1. Take the sting out of hiring and looking after a physical wedding card post box on the day of your wedding. To hire a post box can cost anything up to €150.
  2. Take the burden off your bridal party and family and remove the cumbersome task of looking after your cards on the big day.
  3. Ensure traceability for you and your guests on all generous wedding gifts received.
  4. Polite and classy way to let your guests know that you would prefer a cash gift. If you like, you can include a message with your Digital Wedding Post Box, letting guests know what you will put funds towards - like that dream honeymoon you are both planning to take or the purchase of your first home together.
  5. Convenience for your guests – no need to rush to an ATM or worry about purchasing a wedding card. Guests can simply design and send their card in advance of your wedding day.
  6. Guests that are unable to attend your wedding can simply send you a card and a cash gift if they wish.
  7. Have you ever thought about the morning after your wedding and the large sum of cash you have been generously given in cards by your guests? It is not something couples really think about until they are in that situation. Creating your own Digital Wedding Post Box removes the worry and security issue of carrying or holding a large sum of cash during such an exciting and busy occasion.
  8. Getting hitched abroad with no access to your bank account? Then you need to ensure you have a Digital Wedding Post Box in place. Trust us – your guests travelling to your wedding will thank you for this convenient feature and your future married self will be so thankful you do not have to manage or hold a large sum of money while you are abroad.
  9. Not to forget to mention a Digital Wedding Post Box is environmentally friendly and cost savvy!


Your Digital Wedding Post Box will be linked to your wedding website. Once you send out your wedding invites your guests will be referred to your wedding website for more information. Guests can view your Digital Wedding Post Box and can send you a card with a personalised message and cash gift in advance of the big day.

Absolutely not. Traditionally it is expected that guests will arrive at your wedding reception with a physical card and cash gift. Most couples will rent a physical wedding post box to ensure all their wedding cards are kept safe. Guests will appreciate and thank you for this hassle-free Digital Wedding Post Box feature. It is convenience for you and your guests. You can also make your Digital Wedding Post Box very personal by explaining what you will use funds towards. Sample wording:

‘Please know that your presence on our special day is the greatest present of all! However, if you do wish to celebrate with a gift, a contribution to our honeymoon fund would be warmly appreciated. We have created a Digital Wedding Post Box for your convenience.’

For now, PayPal is the only payment option. However, we are currently working with other payment providers that we will hopefully have available to use in the near future.

Yes! Any generous gifts will be sent directly to your own personal PayPal account. When you are setting up your Digital Wedding Post Box you will be prompted to include your personal PayPal handle.

Your guests will love the convenience. No need for your guests to purchase a physical wedding card or make their way to an ATM to withdraw cash. Give your guests the convenience of sending you a digital wedding card and include a cash gift by paying with a credit card in a seamless and safe online transaction. Your Digital Wedding Post Box is an extremely user-friendly service, and your guests will love knowing that their cash gift will help you both achieve a goal or dream as a newly hitched couple!

No need to hire a physical wedding post box. Out with the old and in with the new revolutionised digitalised Wedding Post Box. To hire a physical post box can cost anything up to €150! Along with this price tag you also have the inconvenience of collecting envelopes and the worry about holding a large sum of cash gifts at your wedding venue. Your guests will also have peace of mind knowing that their card and cash gift securely reached you!

Receive wedding cards in advance of your wedding. Weddings are an extremely expensive occasion, and this price tag cuts into your honeymoon budget or down payment for your new home. When you create a Digital Wedding Post Box, once you send out your invitations, your guests can instantly start to send you wedding cards in advance. With a steady stream of cash gifts in advance of your big day, it can relieve you of that financial pressure many couples experience leading up to their wedding. Additionally, your guests can also opt to spread the cost of your wedding day by having the choice to send you a gift a few weeks in advance.

It is built into your Wedding Website. My Wedding Whizz keeps everything streamlined for you from tracking RSVPs and wedding cards received. You will feel so organised by having your wedding details, Digital Wedding Post Box and guests RSVP's all in one safe place.

Keep track of all wedding cards received. You can easily keep track of all wedding cards and cash gifts that you have received from your family and friends. You will receive notifications by email every time you receive a digital wedding card.

Do away with cash in envelopes. Safety first. Collecting and safekeeping 200+ envelopes full of cash is a task that you do not want to be dealing with on your wedding day. With a Digital Wedding Post Box, you can be assured that all your cash gifts are well accounted for and securely transferred to your bank.

Receive overseas cash gifts conveniently. Family and friends that will not be able to attend your wedding can also send their love. Our Digital Wedding Post Box feature securely accepts international transactions.

Environmentally friendly. Save paper and plastic waste by opting for our digitalised wedding card suite.

Convenient for you and your guests. Do we say more? You're welcome!

Absolutely! We have a dedicated team to answer any of your questions. Simply send your query to and we will get back within a few hours.